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When you book Lucinda, she will tailor each song performance to compliment your special event.
Lucinda is available to perform solos or mini-concerts. She is based in Southern California and is willing to travel.

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Everywhere Lucinda sings, her beautiful voice communicates love through music. Her passion for music started at an early age when she began singing in church. She continued performing for community and church events and pursued her musical education. As the daughter of former televangelist, Rev. Bill Miedema, she had the opportunity to sing on the weekly syndicated television program.  Her heritage plays an important role in her music. She has always been aware of her singular mission to joyfully share the faith process with others. Lucinda believes music is a bridge that reaches out to others. It brings joy in times of celebration, and hope on times of sorrow.

In her career, Lucinda has impacted others with her passion for music. She has had the privilege to sing on TV programs and musical recordings, performing on stage with outstanding musical directors, and be educated by gifted vocal coaches. These influences have given Lucinda a broad appeal through musical diversity.

aspires to share her passion for music with others. As she has stated “Singing is the voice of the heart.” Through her music, Lucinda brings that special Spirit bound to inspire and refresh the faith of all who are blessed to hear her.

A portion of the performance proceeds will be donated to important causes
such as World Vision, Carmelite Sisters, and Samaritan’s Purse.


“He has put a New Song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.”
Psalm of David



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